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Summer learning loss has always been a concern for educators, but in light of the massive school closures due to the current COVID-19 crisis, you’re probably thinking about summer learning in a whole new way. With all the talk about profound skill loss, you, as well as many others, may feel defeated even before summer begins. But by shifting expectations to meet today’s reality and thinking creatively about the types of skills that children can sharpen over the summer months, we can create summer experiences that help children soar!


Three ways to combat summer learning loss:

1. Make yourself available to families—virtually!
经过几周的no school, combined with the uncertainty about when things will return to normal, many families are understandably stressed and looking for guidance and reassurance. A virtual party is a great opportunity to connect families, debrief, and answer their questions. Bust out some balloons or homemade streamers and share with families how much you respect and appreciate them and what awesome partners they have been! If a video platform isn’t accessible for your community, try a small group phone call. Allow them to share and collaborate as families. Engage in discussions together. What have they learned during this time? What has worked for them? What hasn’t? What are they most proud of? Use this time to share what summer learning resources will be available to them.

If you implementReadyRosie™in your school or program, be sure to check out theSummer SoarResource Folder. Consider using the new暑期学习给我一家庭作坊as a template or guide for your summer interactions.

The Summer Learning Give Me Ten Family Workshop在英语和西班牙语在不增加额外成本ReadyRosie伙伴。


Families have been juggling a lot with remote learning initiatives, and many are dealing with challenges like food scarcity, unemployment, or even trying to work from home without the benefit of childcare. While you cannot address all of those challenges, you can commit to providing resources that do not add to family stress. This summer, you can使家庭能够结合在一起,并培养技能这将是基础,强转变回到正规学习环境。您可以模拟家庭的那种,实际上减轻压力而不是增加它的经验。例如,建立一个要塞让孩子去想象,想象,创造,问题的解决,并进行合作。所有的预工程技术的重要组成部分。或者,他们可以打一个藏宝图在一起。活动像这样支持孩子的学习和发展,包括像适应性强,恢复能力,有信心,创造力和勇气技能。

ReadyRosie™,提供both print and digital solutionsfor sharing fun activities like the one below that families can engage with throughout the summer.

3. Celebrate accomplishments together!
As a parent of elementary-aged children myself, this time of school closure has inspired me to share more with my children’s teachers. I find myself wanting to share about the things they are learning or what I am proud of in my family. For example, we have been playing Monopoly more often and I see my first grade daughter’s money and math skills improving each time we play!

Ask the families that you work with what stories they would like to share in celebration of the family learning that has taken place. Take some time now to plan how you will set up a way for families to share with you or your program either throughout the summer or when formal school begins again. It can be as simple as a text message or a journal of a child’s drawings—any artifact of experiences is worth celebrating and building upon in the fall.

ReadyRosie™优先共享和定性数据(评论和反馈教育家和家庭之间来回传递)的庆祝。对于每个模型的经验,在数字和印刷形式,家庭和教育工作者有机会分享和庆祝的所有成就summer long!

Ready Rosie Activities
modeled experience ready rosie


Check out ourSummer Soar Family Backpack

We’ve heard from so many partners concerned with summer learning loss that we’ve put together,for the first time ever,集合both digital and print resourcesto build strong partnerships with families and support children’s learning during the summer months and during potential times of extended remote learning in the future.


Watch the archive of our recent ‘Partnering With Families to Create Powerful Summer Experiences’ webinar hosted by Emily Roden, founder and President of ReadyRosie™ and Breeyn Mack, Vice President of Educational Content at Teaching Strategies.

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